Game of Thrones Episode 2: I Got Questions, Who Got Answers?

Alright y’all. Stormborn just aired on HBO Go and here I am watching it for the third time tonight. Why? Because like you, I’ve got questions.

Now, a lot happened in this episode and I’m not going to try and cover it all. But there is one scene that I have to go in on.

Greyworm. And. Missandei. In that fancy AF castle-cave-crypt-hotel-room situation he has going on. (Wait, pause for a second, didn’t they JUST move in? This place is decked out. Who decorated? Did Stannis leave an Airbnb manager in his will? So many questions. I digress. Back to the scene.)

I know you’re thinking – let’s talk alllll about this sex scene, right?


You want to know the first thing I noticed when Missandei walked in? Beside her being all coy with her attempt at a quick farewell heavy with the sting of unrequited love. The FIRST thing I noticed was how FLY her curls are in this scene.


Yes, I’m happy for them and truth be told as a queer woman of color I am ALL for the nudity, black love, and downright sexiness that is going on in this scene. But I HAVE to know. WHO is hooking her hair UP in this remote castle?

Let’s break it down.

She has a bomb outfit on, but I did make note that’s about it for the wardrobe. Doesn’t even have any underwear on. Walks around barefoot. Bae is a minimalist. I can feel that. But can we talk about how there is nary a hair out of place on her head?

You mean to tell me, she travelled across the oceans, settled into this big ass rock with windows, and STILL can pull off the mean wash and go?


Her hair is full of secrets and I need to know them.

Did she steal a boat to the nearest market to go shopping for shea butter? No way, it’s way too rainy and humid for that. There’d be frizz to give her away.

Ok, did she make a roller set out of some leftover dragon teeth? No time. She’s been too busy translating High Valyrian into gender non-conforming prophecy prose to support her feminist goals. Chill.

Does she have a satin bonnet she keeps tucked away in that sole jacket of hers? Nah. Didn’t peep any pockets.

Did Khaleesi hook her up with a personal stylist who does her hair on the daily? Thousands of Dothraki and Unsullied, what’s one more person on the boat? Doubt it. Too many mouths to feed.

I could go on, but none of it adds up.

At the end Greyworm says he didn’t have any fears until her. BOY, you’re damn right you should be afraid. I’m saying it right now. She is a sorceress. I’m calling witchcraft!

No one has a fro evenly cut, frizz free, and full of volume under these conditions. I’m not gonna lie, her breasts are lovely. But at the end of that scene I was checking out her curl pattern. It’s on point. Watch it again. You’ll see what I mean. Sorcery!!

So maybe now that Greyworm is gone they’ll give us a dedicated segment – Missandei’s Tricked Out Hair Care, how to to survive it all – war, long distance boat travel, and all on a budget. All I know is if she ever wants to strike out on her own, I’m buying whatever she’s selling.

****This opinion piece was written by guest blogger, Devotia Moore. If you, like me, believe she needs to be blogging on the regular, leave some love in the comment section. ❤


4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Episode 2: I Got Questions, Who Got Answers?

  1. I also want to know what # her dye is. Because it looks so different in varying lights. But she must have Johnny Wright hook her up on every take because Dang!

  2. Loved this! I thought you were experimenting with voice, I said that doesn’t sound like my guuuurl! But, back to your home girl! I thought this piece was funny as hell and, and yes her hair looked fly. I’m fan of the show and thought how great this scene was for her hair and a couple of other reasons, but yes hair on point! Keep writing, to you and your friend!

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