Mama Nurys

For the past twenty-four hours, the gears in my brain have been turning non-stop trying to figure out what my last essay in this challenge would be about. Last night I even dreamt that I was on a journey to discover what I was supposed to write about. It was a strange fragmented dream, reminiscent [...]

The Wishing Car

“I want to be like a sunflower so even on the darkest days, I will stand tall and find the sunlight.” - Author Unknown The #52essays2017 challenge hasn’t just helped me hone in on my craft, it’s also been the catalyst for meeting and reconnecting with some kick-ass writers and creators. “Meeting” is subjective. There [...]

Default Setting

Let’s talk about default settings folks. You are familiar with them on your tech devices, yes? The way your smartphone is organized and set up to factory settings. How you have to customize and arrange the categories and preferences to your liking. To what is most efficient for your lifestyle. Our brains have default settings [...]

Black Excellence

**I was asked to be the Keynote speaker at the 2016 First World Graduation at my alma mater, SUNY New Paltz. The theme was "Back Excellence." Below is a revised version of my commencement address: Before I jump into today’s theme of “Black Excellence” - I feel like it’s important that I tell you a [...]

On Being Vulnerable

Today is the first snowfall of the season. I waited all week to sleep in this morning. Instead, I woke up before the sun and basked in the silence of the city. I read some and said a morning prayer. Then, I made my way to the gym, a practice I’ve abandoned a bit in [...]