Waiting Room Chronicles

There are students that stay with you for a lifetime. Adrian was one of those students. I serviced him for speech therapy throughout kindergarten and first grade. His big brown eyes would peek out from underneath his long lashes whenever I came into the room to pick him up. Everything he did was exaggerated, from [...]


A few months ago, I was sitting crisscross applesauce on my bed like one of my students at Storytime, talking to my mother on the phone. The phone lay in front of me on speaker. My voice quivered and threatened to break as I attempted to be vulnerable with her about my state of helplessness. [...]

Black Friday

It is the day after Thanksgiving and I woke up before the daylight. I finished Lisa Ko’s The Leavers from bed sometime after six, ruminated in my feelings about the book until some light peaked through our frosted balcony door and decided to get up and push through essay number 40. Early morning is my [...]

Sitting With My Pain

Sometimes I hear a message so powerful that I scramble to find a piece of paper and any writing utensil to jot it down before the words have left my short-term memory. A line from a movie, lyrics in a song, a sermon in church, or even utterances exchanged between strangers. There are messages everywhere [...]

A NYC Beach

I went to Rockaway Beach twice this past summer.  The first time I was alone. I’d never been to the beach by myself and the idea of the sun warming my skin like my favorite wool sweater and the possibility of a reading my book to the soundtrack of crashing waves sounded like the perfect [...]


Parent-teacher conferences are around the corner and I have three IEP meetings this week. I am writing goals and progress notes like it's no one's business. By trade, I have been trained in the work of writing SMART goals for all of my students and clients. SMART as in: Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. and Timely. For [...]