Publication Credits

The following is a list of where my works have been published:

Why It’s TOTALLY Fine To Marry Someone You Don’t Really Know by Your Tango (2015)

Backhanded Compliments Every Woman Of Color Has Heard by Blavity (2015)

The Paradox Of Empathy: 5 Times My Compassion Did More Harm Than Good by Elite Daily (2015)

I Fell In Love With The Wrong Person by Mogul (2015)

10 Things That Are Perfectly Reasonable To Steal During A Break Up by Thought Catalog (2016)

7 Signs Your Partner Is Shaming You (And You Don’t Even Realize It) by Your Tango (2016)

7 Scientific Reasons Why Women With Big Butts Make The BEST Wives by Your Tango (2016)

How Brown Girls Got It Right by Quail Bell (2017)

Call It What It Is: The Las Vegas Shooting Was Without a Doubt, a Terrorist Attack by Blavity (2017)

Unpacking My Shame Backpack by Wendy Angulo Productions (2017)

The Complex Relationship Between Latina Immigrant Mothers and Their Daughters by Fierce by Mitu (2018)